ACES II Ejection Seats:

Genuine Seat

This is a genuine ACES II ejection seat from a real F-16 fighter jet   This ejection seat was part of an F-16D Block 30J that was commissioned on May 30, 1989. The tail number was 87389. 

On December 4, 1998, the aircraft crashed 30 miles south of Fort Summer, New Mexico. The pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Randel Meyer, and the passenger, Senior Airman Hugo Serrano-Molina, both ejected safely, but with Hugo breaking his ankle. The aircraft was on an incentive flight as a reward for Hugo. The aircraft was based at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. Cause of the crash was engine failure. This F-16 had been involved in a collision on the runway on January 26th, 1994 at Wright Patterson AFB. 

How cool would it be to own a little piece of history? That seat has gone faster than the speed of sound sitting inside of F-16 tail number 87389 -- serving America for nine years!  Then, one fine winter's day, the engine quits, and the ACES II ejection seat does exactly what it is supposed to do, rocketing out of the cockpit and saving the pilot's life!

Note that the pics below are in front of a mirror so you can see both sides.


ACES II  Fiberglass Replicas With Accessories


ACES II  Fiberglass Replicas Assembled Barebone:

Unassembled Fiberglass ejection seat parts collection.

Note gap between seat back and right upper side.


Note that with sanding and paint, parts can look fantastic... but it will take a lot of work priming and filling...