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We were commissioned to build the most accurate representation of the Reaper console and throttle system possible. It debuted at the 2010 ITSEC show and drew a lot of attention! Pilots commented on the authentic feel and positive impact that it would have on training. Construction of the console and throttle is all metal, and will stand up to constant usage. The USB interface is simple to use and has plug and play functionality.

REAL Pilots especially liked the uniquely designed throttle lift gate mechanism. Subject Matter Experts SME's have commented that the mechanism works better that the one on the "real thing". They compared our system to the competition and found that there was no comparison. They preferred our metal construction over the plastic components of the other device. They noticed that the throttle system and flight control systems felt more ergonomically correct. The form, fit, accuracy and function contest was decidely in Aerotronic's favor and justified the price differential.


uav beige


Above is the low profile system for use with one monitor.






There are 2 versions, a larger console containing the framework for the 2 monitors built to spec, just like the real thing!

There is a smaller base station that houses the controls for the stick, throttle and keyboard function. There is even a landing gear switch! This is useful if you have your own screen configuration (seen above)

To the left is the full console being tested in the shop.




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